Programming & Concept


Building concepts and programmes in which dialogue between artworks and the visitor is a central concern

As a place of encounter between the public and works of creation, the museum must combine the aesthetic emotion of a visit with scientific and curatorial rigour. The museum is a living, hybrid, sustainable and community-oriented structure that improves cultural vibrancy and social cohesion. We envision cultural organisations as vital components of larger ecosystems that contributes to shaping the future by educating new generations and paving the way for social debates. France Muséums assists decision-makers in defining, planning and implementing their cultural strategy. Through the creation of a complete and coherent project brief, we ensure alignment between the initial strategy and the operational implementation of the project and its impact. 

Designing innovative experiences

Building on the unique experience of the Louvre Abu Dhabi, France Muséums is a leading actor in the creation of next-generation museums and heritage projects, whether from square one or through transformation of existing institutions. The museum must bring together the most up-to-date content in scientific and curatorial disciplines while meeting the expectations of today’s public in terms of welcome, well-being and visitor experience. Our cross-disciplinary approach allows us to develop effective architectural, curatorial and experiential design programmes for museums. We develop narratives based on scientific and curatorial content to showcase the collections and connect them with the public, and to offer memorable, high-quality experiences that build bridges between communities, artworks and history. We adapt institutions to be more flexible, porous, human-centred, culturally responsive and sustainable. 

France Muséums believes in developing high-quality cultural projects that harmonise with social and environmental requirements, capacity-building and strong design. This approach delivers the most suitable visitor-experience strategy for the different target audiences.

Curatorial and scientific project brief


The successful delivery of a museum project requires the development of a detailed project brief that defines the guidelines for the museum’s vocation and strategic vision. It is the primary operational and strategic document that demonstrates its cultural, scientific, educational and social role. It helps decide the museum’s orientation and identity, and covers exhibition planning, public programming, audience development, and the interpretation and marketing strategies, to name but a few factors, for years to come. We help develop this all-inclusive planning document to ensure alignment between all actors and for use as a tool for the actions to be carried out in the short and long terms. 

It is by contributing to this long-term plan that we can ensure the sustainability of the museum. We assist our clients in this fundamental aspect of the project with an approach centred on visitor experience, innovation and integration with the local social fabric, drawing on our experience and our network of professionals from some of France’s largest national museums.  

Architectural and functional programming for cultural sites and museums 


For France Muséums, a museum must be anchored in its local territory as a genuine tool for the development of tourism. From the inception of a cultural project, we are committed to assisting our clients in their curatorial and architectural strategies by adapting our expertise to the different scales of cultural sites and museums, whether they are pre-existing or new projects. By providing tailor-made support for the creation of the cultural projects’ strategy, our team of experts works to link the context within its region, connect it with the communities it serves, develop urbanism in line with local expectations, and constantly consider social and environmental responsibility. 

We guide our clients in the elaboration of the architectural programme to ensure that the building and its spaces fully respond to the required functions. We place the visitor at the heart of our reflections, so as to design coherent spaces that offer an appealing and accessible visitor experience. 

We support our clients from the choice of the building’s architectural concept to the laying of the last stone. We provide support to the project owner, and coordinate between architects, exhibition designers, engineers and curators to ensure sight of the initial project purpose and concept is not lost. To achieve this, we deploy a network of professionals of international renown. 

Exhibition design (museography)


We manage the museum’s design and construction, and we create spaces as backdrop that elevate the museum’s curatorial and cultural discourse. We provide expertise in the development of the architectural and exhibition design (museography) programme. This encompasses the physical structure, and includes public spaces, exhibition areas, functional spaces, graphic design, wayfinding and visitor journeys, the layout of collections and objects, and all associated technical solutions. Therefore, the aim of architectural and exhibition design (museography) is to offer a coherent visitor experience from the start to the end of the visit, by defining the itinerary, the tools for interpretation, and the layout of the spaces. 

Through our network of international experts, curatorial experts, content developers, and exhibition and graphic designers, we develop exhibition and public spaces (such as for circulation and resting) to provide a striking visitor experience and create encounters between the collection and the public.  

Exhibition and public programming


We develop ambitious multi-annual or seasonal programming aligned with the original purpose and conceptual framework of the museum and its exhibition programming. Our curatorial team provides innovative cultural and curatorial proposals to surprise and connect with the community and museum visitors, while attracting new audiences and promoting repeat visitors.   

Our team develops exhibition themes and public programming based on the internal financial and human resources and the available collections. We can elevate your ideas, bring your vision to life, and apply our creative thinking to create a holistic visitor experience. 

Our team is ready to assist you in your cultural project development

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