Designer of cultural ecosystems

As an international museum consultancy, France Muséums supports the transformation of cultural organizations by drawing on its unique expertise and network in France and abroad.

France Muséums originated from an exceptional collective venture: the birth in Abu Dhabi of the first universal museum of the 21st century.

Not only has this outstanding legacy allowed us to build and manage a unique network of experts and museums; it has also woven a highly contemporary and universal approach to culture into our DNA.

We design museums as ecosystems organised around artworks, that are able to interconnect very diverse audiences, cultures and territories.

These ecosystems are in constant motion. In Abu Dhabi, in France and around the world, museums and cultural venues are reinventing themselves in order to attune to environmental and social challenges and to embrace new audiences and new fields of expression.

This dynamic invites us to innovate and constantly redefine the boundaries of our activity. From the birth of a project to its development and implementation, we draw upon our expertise and network to design, produce and implement content, experiences and solutions relevant to each cultural ecosystem and to the ambitions of the professionals who nurture it.

We are convinced that by nurturing cultural ecosystems that are in tune with the challenges of our time, we can provide a sounding board for culture and a new boost to cultural tourism.