France Muséums at the forefront of cultural transformation

At COP28, alongside dedicated professionals, we advocated for the integration of culture and heritage into the climate agenda, marking a significant leap toward meaningful and transformative action. We are glad to look back at this wonderful event.

At France Muséums, we are at the forefront of cultural transformation, guiding museums and heritage sites around the world. We believe in the power of museums to transcend their traditional roles, championing social and environmental change, while maintaining a constant pursuit of cultural and scientific excellence. Our journey began with the birth of Louvre Abu Dhabi, an extraordinary collective venture. Today, we join forces with our global partner to address climate-related challenges.

Hervé Barbaret, Chief Executive Officer of France Muséums

ROUNDTABLE: The Power of Art to Respond to the Climate Crisis

Art of Change 21 and France Muséums organized a roundtable discussion “The Power of Art to Respond to the Climate Crisis“, where professionals and artist were invited to exchange on the strength of art and culture to fight climate change. 


  • Vilma Jurkute, Executive Director, Alserkal Initiatives (UAE);
  • Alison Tickell, Founder, CEO of Julie’s Bicycle and Climate Heritage Network co-coordinator (UK);
  • Talin Hazbar, Artist.

Moderated by

  • Alice Audouin, President-founder of Art of Change 21
  • Etienne Bonnet-Candé, Deputy Director – Abu Dhabi, France Muséums

Sustainability in Museums

Coinciding with COP28, Louvre Abu Dhabi and France Muséums organized an inspiring sustainability event at the museum.

The museum generally serves a significant role in society by preserving the past and assisting in shaping the future by offering crucial insight into history while educating future generations. At its scale, the museum is an essential driver of positive social and environmental change. 

Set for December 7th, declared as the rest day at COP28, “Sustainability in Museums” invited the public to participate in a series of enriching cultural programmes, including specially curated tours, insightful talks and more. This event served as a platform drawing in global and local experts to delve into the pivotal roles of museums, professionals, and artists play in confronting environmental challenges and advancing toward a more sustainable future.   

talk 1 | How to rewire the arts and culture fields to address climate change : 3 voluntary case studies with positive impacts

Using recent project examples, this interactive session showcased specific case studies on exhibitions to address some central reflections such as: balancing environmental sustainability and public appeal in museums, nurturing artists’ social awareness without stifling creativity, assessing the response to climate change-themed exhibitions in the UAE and exploring the role of sustainability in cultural education and capacity-building.


  • Maya Allison Executive Director NYUAD Art Gallery, (UAE);
  • Alice Audouin, President-founder of Art of Change 21 (France);
  • Bruno Girveau, Director of Palais des Beaux-Arts of Lille (France).

Moderated by Etienne Bonnet-Candé, Deputy Director – Abu Dhabi, France Muséums

TALK 2 | The sustainable journey of cultural institutions: landscape, population and city transformation 

In this talk, the speakers questionned the role of cultural space as an environment developer. Speakers discussed how museums interact within their ecosystem and their connection with the surrounding city. It zoomed out to look at the full building and infrastructure including, parks, and visitor navigation space.


  • Annabelle Ténèze, Director of Louvre-Lens (France);
  • Professor Amareswar Galla, Pro-Chancellor, Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences; and UNESCO Chair on Inclusive Museums & Sustainable Heritage Development (India);
  • Andrew Potts, Heritage and Climate Action Adviser, Europa nostra.

Moderated by Zélie Roche, Institutional Affairs & Sustainability Manager at France Muséums


Annabelle Ténèze
Annabelle Ténèze Director of Louvre-Lens

Director of Louvre-Lens

Maya Allison
Maya Allison Executive Director, NYUAD Art Gallery / Chief Curator, NYU Abu Dhabi

Executive Director, NYUAD Art Gallery / Chief Curator, NYU Abu Dhabi

Professor Amareswar Galla
Professor Amareswar Galla Pro-Chancellor at Kalinga Institute

Pro-Chancellor at Kalinga Institute

Alice Audouin
Alice Audouin President-founder of Art of Change 21

President-founder of Art of Change 21

Bruno Girveau
Bruno Girveau Director of Palais des Beaux-Arts de Lille

Director of Palais des Beaux-Arts de Lille

Etienne Bonnet-Candé
Etienne Bonnet-Candé Deputy Director – Abu Dhabi

Deputy Director – Abu Dhabi

Zélie Roche
Zélie Roche Institutional Affairs & CSR Manager

Zélie Roche, Institutional Affairs & CSR Manager

Alison Tickell
Alison Tickell Founder, CEO of Julie’s Bicycle and Climate Heritage Network co-coordinator

Founder, CEO of Julie’s Bicycle and Climate Heritage Network co-coordinator

Talin Hazbar
Talin Hazbar Artist


Vilma Jurkute
Vilma Jurkute Executive Director, Alserkal Initiatives

Executive Director, Alserkal Initiatives

Partnering Organisations: 

Founded in 2014 on the occasion of COP21, Art of Change 21 focuses on the link between art and key environmental challenges,  particularly the climate crisis. The organisation carries out its work through Art Awards, exhibitions, press features, the Maskbook project, and participates at every Climate COP with high-profile artistic programs on the climate (see actions). 
This round table is part of Art of Change 21’s art program during COP28 at Alserkal.
Learn more about Art of Change 21

Created by an exceptional agreement between the governments of Abu Dhabi and France, Louvre Abu Dhabi was designed by Jean Nouvel and opened on Saadiyat Island in November 2017. The museum is inspired by traditional Islamic architecture and its monumental dome creates a rain of light effect and a unique social space that brings people together.
Louvre Abu Dhabi celebrates the universal creativity of mankind and invites audiences to see humanity in a new light. Through its innovative curatorial approach, the museum focuses on building understanding across cultures: through stories of human creativity that transcend civilisations, geographies and times.
The museum’s growing collection is unparalleled in the region and spans thousands of years of human history, including prehistoric tools, artefacts, religious texts, iconic paintings and contemporary artworks. The permanent collection is supplemented by rotating loans from 19 French partner institutions, regional and international museums.
Louvre Abu Dhabi is a testing ground for new ideas in a globalised world and champions new generations of cultural leaders. Its international exhibitions, programming and Children’s Museum are inclusive platforms that connect communities and offer enjoyment for all.
Learn more about Louvre Abu Dhabi