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An effective project management tool is imperative for defining milestones, assessing risks, monitoring progress, and taking corrective actions to deliver on a cultural organisation’s operations. In museum development, project management encompasses the organisation and development of a complete life-cycle plan on all management activities, including workflow methodology, timetable and budget.  

Nurturing a collaborative approach to museum-project management

Once the master plan and project set-up phases have been completed, our team coordinates the institution’s cultural and curatorial activities. We bring them to term within agreed timeframes and budgets.

We develop and manage all planning and operational aspects related to museum activities, integrating collections management, exhibition planning, public programming and visitor experience questions. Efficient time-management, transparency, strict adherence to quality standards and attention to detail, all developed through collaboration and dialogue, are the cornerstones of our project management methodology.   

Development, planning and management of permanent exhibitions


We create multi-sensory experiences that bring stories to life and convey the museum’s purpose and vision. We build bridges between cultures and design projects with a global vision of art. Placing the public’s encounter with artworks at the heart of our process, we invite the visitor to learn, think and travel through centuries and cultures to discover and examine the world around them and see all the connections that surround us. We create the perfect conditions for the public to experience and connect with the artworks.  

Our team can assist museum, cultural and heritage organisations to construct a coherent, permanent visitor journey by effecting the curatorship in-house or assisting the client’s curatorial teams during the development, design and production of their permanent exhibitions. Our mission is to ensure varied content and an inclusive interpretation for visitors of all ages, genders, ethnicities, abilities and backgrounds, allowing the museum to champion the transformation of society.  

Design, development and planning of temporary exhibitions


As an international advisory and museum consultancy, we design innovative and ambitious exhibitions in partnership with our network of French museums and international lenders. We support curators in the development of curatorial content and the planning of exhibitions. We create captivating stories for the public from a defined list of artworks and guide the curators in the staging of these stories. Our qualitative approach focuses on a limited number of works to increase the time spent with the artworks. This approach contributes to our social and environmental commitments.  

Our curatorial approach respects the values of exchange and dialogue between cultures, civilisations and regions, and we always ensure that permanent and temporary exhibitions harmonise with the general mission and vision of the museum. 

We also take into consideration the continuity of an exhibition over time by designing, if requested, international travelling exhibitions. From the design phase, our teams integrate the constraints linked with travelling exhibitions, whether they are physical, legal or related to transportation and its environmental and social impacts.  

Dedicated to the public, our exhibitions are exciting and immersive visitor experiences. To achieve this, our museum experts provide innovative and accessible exhibition design, graphics and interpretation tools.  

Management and production of commissioned artworks 


Museums are places of inspiration for contemporary artists, and we are delighted to support those who are just emerging on the scene.  

France Muséums assists in the production of site-specific art inside or outside the museum. Our international network of experts allows us to guide the curatorial choices while respecting the planned exhibition design (museography). We strive to promote and elevate the artistic milieu in the project’s location, through the selection of the artists, as well as of the vendors, materials and techniques used to produce the artworks.  

In addition to our museum expertise, we guide contemporary artists in the creative research, conception and production of artworks. 

Editorial and publishing strategy


In close collaboration with the museum teams, France Muséums coordinates the production of exhibition catalogues and scientific publications within the established budget and timeframe. We assist in the coordination and publication phases of curatorial and scientific papers and help promote client recognition through the production of relevant publications. 

Our museum experts can implement effective museum project management systems

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