Rethinking the visitor experience online

Faced with the global sanitary crisis, museums all over the world have turned to technology to make their collections and exhibitions accessible to all. The newly released 360° tour of Louvre Abu Dhabi exhibition “Abstraction and Calligraphy – Towards a Universal Language”, available on its website addresses this new challenge while enriching the museum experience. Let’s take a look behind the scenes at the design and development of this virtual tour by France Muséums.

Designed to complement the physical experience of the special exhibition “Abstraction and Calligraphy” opened to the public since February 17th, 2021, the virtual tour allows visitors to plan or pursue their visit on their phone, tablet or laptop. In the context of a global sanitary crisis, this digital experience also allows an international audience to explore the exhibition galleries and the masterpieces online.

The 3D scanning technology, used through Matterport interface, has been selected by France Muséums to provide a “point-and-click” navigation directly inside the exhibition space. Multimedia tags can be selected next to the artworks to bring up additional content (from the exhibition or the catalogue), such as high-quality photographs, wall texts, labels, artists biographies or soundtracks.  

The virtual tour is supported in three languages (Arabic, French and English) and particular care has been taken to ensure that the experience is user-friendly and accessible to all audiences.  

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“Abstraction and Calligraphy: Towards a Universal Language » is on view at Louvre Abu Dhabi from February 17 to 12 June 2021 in collaboration with the Centre Pompidou. Curated by Didier Ottinger, Deputy Director, Cultural Programming, MNAM-CCI.