New exhibition «Abstraction and Calligraphy» at Louvre Abu Dhabi

The international exhibition « Abstraction and Calligraphy: towards a universal language », produced by France Muséums for Louvre Abu Dhabi is now open. Born from a partnership between Louvre Abu Dhabi, Centre Pompidou and France Muséums, this unprecedented exhibition was able to see light despite the global pandemic thanks to the commitment of our teams and many professionals involved in the project.

This opening in the current context brings a positive light to the global museum community and attest to the dynamism of Louvre Abu Dhabi in the international exhibition landscape.

The France Muséums team is proud to have made this project possible by selecting and implementing a set of innovative solutions to produce, despite the sanitary constraints and traffic restrictions, an exhibition of such dimension.

Thanks to a network of local partners and its own resources in Abu Dhabi, France Muséums has been able to bring and display in the exhibition more than 80 artworks from major international institutions, with loans from the United States, Germany, France and the United Arab Emirates.

The scenography was entrusted to the Agency Clémence Farell whose proposal for a monumental layout playing with the volumes of the building offers a subtle showcase to the masterpieces presented. France Muséums oversaw the production and installation of two monumental artworks made by artists El Seed and Sanki King, which were thought in line with the scenography.

The exhibition offers the visitor a unique experience thanks to the installation of bold mediation and educational contents produced in collaboration with Louvre Abu Dhabi and Centre Pompidou teams. An animated projection exploring the history of abstract art, an immersive video inviting visitors to witness the creative process of major modern artists and contemporary calligraphers, as well as an interactive device using motion detection mark out the exhibition’s path.

« Abstraction and Calligraphy: towards a universal language » is on view at Louvre Abu Dhabi from February 17 to 12 June 2021. Curated by Didier Ottinger, Deputy Director, Cultural Programming, MNAM-CCI.

To know more please visit Louvre Abu Dhabi website.